Why Convertigo ?

Convertigo is Open Source !

Open Source is the only solution guaranteeing non-dependence on a software vendor. This is commonly called "Vendor Lock-in". Using open source, you protect yourself against the following risks :

  • Takeover of the software vendor and therefore licence policy changes
  • Evolution of prices
  • Degradation of the relationship with the software vendor
  • Changes to the standards of use (hosting conditions, non-support for certain integrations)
  • Changes to security standards or hidden backdoors

"We built a complex & strategic mobile application using Low Code"

Fnac Darty logoSee use case

"We needed a platform allowing both Citizen and Professional development"

Chantier atlantique logoSee use case

"We needed  a platform able to build internal or customer facing apps"

Carrefour Banque logoSee use case

"We needed a secure On Premises hosted Low Code platform"

Logo BNP ParibasSee use case