Dream an app, Make an app...

We designed Convertigo platform to let everyone be able to create the apps they dream of so they can leverage their business and create value. I you do not code at all, code a little, or instead love coding, you will express yourselves with Convertigo.

Convertigo's DNA

Convertigo founders worked in many professional service companies and noticed that developers were coding and recoding the same piece of software from one project to another. From there came the idea that a platform should bring all the necessary building blocks for business apps and that a small quantity of code or even sometimes no code at all should be required to make these apps.
This is how the Convertigo Platform was born, built by techie developers for professional application makers. Although our DNA is driven by our passion with technology and open source, we believe that technology should not be an end in itself, and instead should be used to create business value for enterprise so they can focus on their job.

Convertigo's Leadership Team

Olivier Profile picture

Olivier Picciotto

CEO / Founder
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François profile picture

Francois le Masne

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Michel Profile picture

Michel Ménager

Sales Manager
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Tom Profile picture

Tom Capiez

Marketing Manager
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Nicolas Profile picture

Nicolas Da Eira

Business Developer
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Christelle Profile picture

Christelle Thobois

Financials & Human resources
Nicolas profile picture

Nicolas Albert

Nathalie profile picture

Nathalie Lammelin

Font-End low code team leader
Charles profile picture

Charles Grimont

No Code product architect
Dominique profile picture

Dominique Osternaud

Customer Success Team leader
Grégory profile picture

Grégory Vorbe

Q&A and Support manager
Mathieu profile picture

Mathieu Francois

Customer Project Leader