Business case

Fnac Darty logo
Darty is a French retail company specialized in electronics, computer and consumer electronics.
Darty generated 2.4 billion € revenue in 2018 and is deployed on 2 500 point of sales.
In 2018 Darty joined the Fnac group for global revenue of 7.4 billion €.
Darty illustration
Digital point of sale

Context and Challenge

As most retailers are, Fnac-Darty is concerned about optimizing customer experience. Studies showed that one of the main bottlenecks in stores was having customers getting in queues waiting for checkout.
Having sales persons able to show, check stocks, show different products in the catalog and perform the sale directly in front of the customer with his payment card has been considered as mandatory by Fnac-Darty management. This is why they launched the “Digital Store” concept and developed the Sales application running on Android tablets, integrated with the Enterprises backend.

Mission and Solution

Fnac-Darty chose the Convertigo Low Code platform to build the full stack Sales application using the platform’s back end connectivity features to internal APIs and web services, and the powerful Low Code front end capabilities to build and deploy the app to 3000 salespersons in the stores.

Fnac-Darty also use Convertigo’s Mainframe RPA technology to interface to its legacy Mainframe.

Benefits obtained

Originally developed with traditional technologies, the whole project was conducted using 4 times less time and money compared to traditional development and was deployed on schedule.
200 sales / minutes are generated by the app and the revenue is estimated to 1 billion € / year.