Low code tutorial videos

Your first Convertigo application

Welcome ! You just have created your Convertigo account, and you want to create your first application ? Go through these two "first steps" tutorials that will help you understand the platform better.
How to download Convertigo Studio
How to use the platform and create your first simple application

Convertigo Front end tutorials with Mory

Thanks to Mory Cissé, you will find below a complete set of videos showing how to build an Instagram like user interface using Convertigo Low Code Studio. You can follow each video starting from video 1 to 16.
This will give you a global overview of Convertigo front end Low Code capabilities.
These videos do not cover other advanced features, you may find some additional information in the technical documentation

A wide range of topics related to features, functionalities and best practices

Our supported customers can also use our Support portal to interact with Convertigo team.
How to redo an Instagram-like application
How to start your first mobile application
The "tabbed browsing"
How you can define headers
(at the top of the pages)
How to customize the menus pages
The power of "Grid" components to lay out your elements
More features about the "Grid" component
How to use other components to make the layout
How to implement an infinite list of items
How to share components, reusable in your projects or between your projects
How to use Lists : the basic interface of any application
More about the "Grid" components to lay out your elements
How to globally define colors for your application
How to make some user interface improvements
More about colors for your application
How to use your own icons

Convertigo Back end Tutorials

How to connect to a MySQL data source to read and update data
How we can select only the data containing a keyword to be sent back to the mobile
How we can mix information from CNN and NBC to mix data for the mobile apps
How we can select only the data containing a keyword to be sent back to the mobile

Convertigo Fullsync Tutorials

How to setup your workstation with CouchDB for FullSync
Create views with maps to query your data
Listen to data replications on the server and update data accordingly