Business case

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BNP Paribas is a French international banking group. It is the world's 8th largest bank by total assets, and currently operates with a presence in 77 countries.
It was formed through the merger of Banque Nationale de Paris (BNP) and Paribas in 2000, but has a corporate identity stretching back to its first foundation in 1848 as a national bank. it is one of three major international french banks.
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B2E Banking financial data portal

Context and Challenge

BNP Paribas was looking to build a B2E portal able to enable all the bank employees to access critical financial data coming from different sources such as Banque France, Dun & Bradstreet or Infogreffe. The challenge was to build this portal and track efficiently all access to data as data consumed is billed back to the user.
Also, instead of paying for data each time a user accesses it, data caching was mandatory to reduce costs.

Accessing the portal through standard desktop devices or via tablets was also a key requirement.

Mission and Solution

BNP Paribas chose the Convertigo Low Code Platform for the low code backend capabilities, able to integrate to the different data sources, for the powerful built-in authentication module able to integrate the 5 different authentication mechanism used in the bank and for the web / mobile Low code front end capabilities.

Benefits obtained

The portal is now serving more than 40 000 employees worldwide from BNP Paribas and from its numerous subsidiaries such as CETELEM.

In 2018 more than 40 000 000 queries were executed on the portal. The platform’s billing engine and caching strategy saved more than 1M€ for BNP Paribas group.