Low Code desktop Studio

‘All in One’ studio to develop for Convertigo Platform

Convertigo Studio enables the application developer to program all the layers (Back-end and Front-end) of Convertigo Platform within the same integrated environment. Within Studio the programmer can:
  • Setup Connectors to back end systems
  • Create Transactions to define data exchange with back end systems
  • Create Sequences to define back-end flows and business logic
  • Create Mobile or Web User interface, screen flow and local business logic
  • Define test cases and run the mobile application or any of its subcomponents
  • Create Front-end cross-platform client applications, by defining pages and graphical components
  • Implement data binding, off-line data and client side business logic
Once the project developped, it can deployed on on premises Convertigo Server or on our elastic Cloud services. As Convertigo Studio includes a local single user Convertigo Server, all projects can be tested locally before deployment.
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No other software needed for cloud Cross-Platform builds!

By default, Convertigo Studio brings every thing you need to build your Mobile applications. You don't have to install any additional SDK to build your mobile applications as the Studio will use our Cloud based mobile builder to build iOS and Android from the same project. In this way you can even build iOS apps from a Windows machine !

On the other hand, Studio also supports local builds for those who do not want external resources to be used while building mobile apps. In this case, you will need to install all the required SDKs (Android SDK, Xcode) on your development workstation.

Based On Eclipse Technology

Convertigo Studio is an Eclipse plugin, shipped with a Convertigo branded and tailored Eclipse environment. This way, when you download and install Convertigo Studio you will be ready to develop your mobile & web projects immediately without having to install additional software.

The Studio is also 100% compatible with Git versioning systems so you can share your projects and enjoy collaborative application development.
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Ionic / Angular
Based on Ionic / Angular frameworks
Convertigo Front end Low code uses the Ionic / Angular framework as base when the user designs the application.

Drag and dropping components from the mobile palette in the application’s pages will automatically and instantly generate Ionic and TypeScript code and changes will be reflected real time in the application viewer.