Privacy policy

The Convertigo Cloud platform’s use is governed by the Convertigo License Agreement:
When the Convertigo Cloud platform is used by the Licensee to enter personal data of European citizens, in view of the GDPR (General Regulation for Data Protection) Convertigo is the processor of the personal data that the Licensee injects into the applications developed with Convertigo Cloud platform. However, it is the Licensee who is solely responsible for the personal data he collects. Convertigo’s role is to provide the Licensee with tools to guarantee the fundamental rights defined by the GDPR.

During the development and commissioning of an application on the Convertigo Cloud platform, the Licensee must provide rules to be observed and actions to be carried out to identify what relates to personal data within the applications he develops.

Convertigo commits to preserve the integrity and confidentiality of the Data managed by the Convertigo Cloud platform and has implemented the technical and organizational measures likely to prevent any access or fraudulent use of the Data and to prevent any loss, alteration and destruction Datas.

The Data Protection Officer (DPO) is the General Manager Olivier Picciotto, assisted in this task by the technical manager. Contact:

The Convertigo Cloud platform is based on the Microsoft Azure IAAS, Microsoft Azure respects the GDPR, the different commitments are described on the following link: