Why AI can't replace Low code / No code platforms

Artificial intelligence, especially in models like ChatGPT, has shown impressive capabilities to generate a website or a simple application from a single prompt. 

This naturally leads to questioning the potential of generative AI to replace Low code and No code platforms. 

Here are 3 reasons why AI will not replace these platforms, at least for now:

1) Complexity of development: 

AI can certainly help write code, but it is not capable of providing in-depth consideration of crucial aspects such as:
- technical architecture,
- security constraints,
- maintenance management performed by developers.

2) Risk of error : 

As the volume of code automatically generated by AI increases, the risk of errors also grows. 

Generative AI therefore requires close supervision to ensure that the code produced is not only functional but also secure.

3) Uneven productivity gains : 

AI effectively accelerates the development of simple applications, with potential productivity improvements of up to 50%. 

However, for more complex projects, productivity improvement drops to less than 10%. 

Thus, while generative AI offers substantial benefits for simple coding tasks, it will not replace Low code / No code platforms anytime soon. These platforms address a much broader and more complex range of development aspects.