The IT role during No code initiatives

The rising of No code platforms has transformed the way to develop software solutions, promising to democratize app development and empower non-technical teams like never before.

Yet, a myth persists: that No code can flourish without the direct involvement of the IT department. Let's see why it is not possible!

Why IT implication is crucial? 

1. Supporting the teams

IT departments offer essential training, ongoing monitoring, and support for newly developed applications.
Their expertise not only ensures a smooth adoption process but also empowers teams to leverage No code solutions to their fullest potential.

2. Governance and tool selection

IT departments are tasked with selecting tools that not only meet the enterprise's security protocols but also align with its data usage policies, by defining clear use cases and ensuring that chosen platforms adhere to stringent security standards. 

3. Cultural shift

IT departments are at the forefront of this transformation, facilitating a cultural acclimatization through educational initiatives such as build the applications catalog, conduct workshops, webinars, and hackathons.
The purpose is to expand use cases among all non IT teams. 

No code is also an opportunity for IT departments

By embracing these platforms and making business teams more autonomous in meeting their needs, IT departments can allocate its resources towards more complex and strategic projects, thereby elevating its contribution to the organization's digital transformation journey.