Supporting Citizen Developers in implementing No code solutions

By facilitating access to programming for non-programmers, No code tools empower employees to develop applications that meet their specific needs. 

These employees are now known as Citizen Developers.

Let's explore effective strategies for supporting Citizen Developers in implementing No code technologies within the company.

The first move of a No code initiative can come from the IT department or directly from Business units.

1) Once the initiative is launched, it is crucial to clearly communicate the benefits to different departments within the company. 

Awareness can be enhanced through seminars, webinars, and hackathons that showcase the possibilities offered by No code tools.

2) Recruiting Citizen Developers should be done on a voluntary basis, favoring those who show interest and motivation to learn these new technologies. 

An inclusive approach is essential.

Human Resources play a key role in recruitment. They must recognize and value the new skills acquired by Citizen Developers, integrating them into career paths and evaluation criteria.

3) Investing in continuous training (internal training sessions, specialized MOOCs) can help Citizen Developers refine their skills. 

Companies should encourage continuous learning and support the development of skills that facilitate the adoption of No code technologies.

The role of the IT department:

1) Providing training, monitoring, and support for new applications developed with No code tools.

2) Selecting tools that comply with the company's security protocols and data management policies.

3) Promoting education through initiatives such as creating a catalog of applications, organizing workshops, and hackathons, thereby extending the use of these technologies across all business teams within the company.

Thus, supporting Citizen Developers is not just a matter of technological implementation; it is an organizational change strategy. 

By recognizing and supporting these key players, companies can not only accelerate their digital transformation but also democratize innovation across all levels of the organization.