Convertigo can connect to SAP ECC using the SOAP Web service connector…


Convertigo can connect to SAP ECC using the SOAP Web service connector. This enables companies to build exciting mobile applications on top of theirs existing SAP processes. As many of our clients are asking the same question, here is the tutorial you can follow to expose SAP Web Services to Convertigo.

Be sure to have the SAP’s ITS service enabled as this is the service handling the SOAP requests.


  • Use the SAP GUI, logon with a developer profile.


  • Launch Transaction SE80.


  • Choose ‘Repository browser’.
  • Select Packages in the Combo.
  • Type ‘Z_C8O’ in the package name, then click the ‘Glasses’ button ⇒ Will ask to create the package, click ‘yes’.


  • Fill description, use ‘HOME’ for Software component and ‘development package’ for package type, and validate.


  • Create a Workbench request, hitting F8.



  • Fill in a description and save, and ask the request. You should have your package created.


  • Exit the SE80 transaction and start the BAPI transaction.


  • Browse to the required BAPI using hierarchy or alphabetics and click on it.


  • In the tab box click the ‘tools’ tab.


  • Click the ‘Create web service’ option and click the ‘start wizard’.
  • In service definition type a service name starting by ‘Z_’ and fill in a description, click ‘Cont.’.


  • Click ‘Cont.’.
  • Choose the methods to include in the WS. By default, they will be all included.
    Click ‘Cont.’.
    Warning! including all methods will take a very long time to generate the WS and may end with a timeout.


  • Choose ‘Authentication with user and password with no transport guarantee’ for profile.
    Click ‘Cont.’.


  • Type in the ‘Z_C8O’ package.
    Click ‘Cont.’.


  • Click ‘complete’.
    The web service will be created.


  • Click the Activate icon (Magic Wand) or Ctrl+F3. You may be asked to be registered as a developer. If you are, follow the SAP procedure on support portal to be registered as a developer.
  • Ask the Workbench request. Be sure that the service is activated (See Bottom left).


  • OK.
    The service has been activated.
    So now publish it with SOAMANAGER. Exit BAPI. Launch SOAMANAGER.


  • Click the ‘Simplified Web Service Configuration’ link.


  • Type ‘Z_*’ in the search box. Click ‘GO’.


  • In the table Look for your service, click the username/password (basic) check box for your service.


  • Click the ‘save button’.
  • Select your service by clicking on the row.
  • Click ‘show details’, the service will be displayed. Choose the “Without WS Policy” Link.


  • WSDL will be displayed in your browser. If not, be sure to enable the services using the SICF Transaction in SAP GUI. Be sure to enable all the ‘sap/bc/srt/wsdl’ path.




    • Press F8 (execute).
    • saptuto_047
    • Open Tree to ‘sap/bc/srt/wsdl’.
    • Right click on WSDL and choose ‘activate service’.
    • saptuto_049
    • Click `yes’. WSDL should be available now.
  • saptuto_051
  • saptuto_053
  • Now you can import this WSDL in Convertigo studio. the BAPI will be mapped to Convertigo Transactions. By using Convertigo’s Project right click->Import WS reference’ menu.

Now, you will be able to use the Convertigo Transactions in you project to access the SAP’s BAPI as well as any other transaction using other connectors to build your mobile application.

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