What's new in Convertigo 8.2

Convertigo's team is proud to announce the release of the latest version of the Convertigo Low Code Platform. Find below a list of enhancements we provide for this new version :

New ARM M1/M2 optimized MacOS studio

If you are a lucky Mac M1/M2 user, you can use our optimized studio and enjoy up to 3 times faster application builds and modifications.

Back-end enhancements

Baserow No Code Database is now integrated in Convertigo Studio

We are happy to announce our partnership with Baserow, the powerful No Code Database tool.
Now that it is implemented to the platform, create/use/manipulate databases has never been easier.

Studio will also creates backend sequences automatically from baserow tables.

To access the Baserow window, click on "Convertigo" in the top bar --> "Open the NoCode databases view"

A tutorial is available to understand better how to use it.

Step with source (XPath) can use JS expression inside predicate

In previous versions, it was not possible to use dynamic XPath
depending on variables. You had to write sub-sequences to achieve your objective.

Thanks to this new enhancement, you can directly use JS Expression inside the XPath predicate with the new syntax :{{{js_expression}}}

Studio enhancements :

Tutorials are now available directly in the Studio

Convertigo Studio now provides tutorials to familiarize yourself with the platform :
From creating a project to using No Code DataBase, these step by step tutorials will guide you through the Studio basics in order to let you use the platform freely afterwards.

This tutorials page will automatically appear the first time you start the Studio. Otherwise, you can easily open it by clicking on "Convertigo" in the top bar then clicking on "Open the Tutorial view".

Live visualization of your application on your mobile device

Convertigo 8.2 sets up a live visualization system of your application thanks to the new QR Code feature : All you have to do is open the Visual App Viewer of your project, and click the QR Code icon (the black one at the left of the App Viewer named Show QR Code). Then scan the QR Code from your mobile device and the app will open.

Be careful : Your computer and your smartphone has to be connected to the same wifi network to work.

New intelligent palette matching selected objects

In Convertigo 8.2, we wanted to make the tool more intuitive. We wanted to avoid wasting time looking for components in the palette manually.

That is why we have set up this "intelligent palette" that will automatically display affiliated content according to the selected object in the Treeview.

For example, if you click on your connector folder, the palette will only display objects available for this connector.

New project creation menu name for fullstack applications
Convertigo Studio has always provided the creation of Mobile AND Desktop applications, but it hasn't been clear for the users.

In Convertigo 8.2, when you create a new project, the naming has been changed to "Convertigo Low Code Fullstack Web/Desktop or Mobile app project" to clearly explain the possibility of creating both.

To access it, click the "New" icon under the "File" button in the top bar.

New synchronization of an object name and its property

Originally, when you added a component in your project and you named it, it didn't synchronize with the property naming, which could be confusing sometimes. This occurs for example for 'Object' of 'Field' components.

From now on, the property name will automatically be the same as the naming of your component. For example, renaming a 'Field' component will automatically rename its 'Key' property'

New picker allowing to choose the navParams of the page

When loading a new page, you can send variables to it.

Originally, to retrieve the passed variables, you had to write code manually.

Now, you can directly find your variables in the picker in navParams.data.

Automatic production build when you deploy your project

In previous versions of Convertigo Studio, to deploy your project on your server, you had to think about clicking the production build button before deployment.

Convertigo 8.2 automatically builds your application when you deploy it in order to save some time and to make sure you do not deploy an 'Unbuilt' project.

Add an event entry in Picker for Action sources

Formerly, to retrieve data events, you had to write your own code in components.

As of now, all page data events are in the Action Sources of the Source Picker