New back-end debugger for stepping and debugging SequenceJS

You may now debug you back-end sequences by stepping in SequenceJS Steps javascript code with our new back-end debugger.

When writing back-end Sequences, you can use SequenceJS steps to add custom code to the processing. The new back-end debugger can now step this code and display in real time variables and any other javascript scope within the sequence.

To use it you will have to activate it by using the Window->Show View->Other->Backend Debug. The backend debugger window will be shown in the lower part of the studio.

Then, just double click on the left of a SequenceJS code (On line numbers). This will set a breakpoint symbolized by a blue dot. Execute the sequence and you will see that the back-end debugger view will be stopped on the break point you defined.

From there you will be able to step the code, using the green button (Step over), or step into a function using the yellow button (Step into). You can also run the code from there using the blue button.

Updated on
  • Back-end
  • June 13, 2024