What's new in Convertigo 8.1

Convertigo 8.2 is now available ! Discover all the enhancements that has been made on this new version by clicking the buttons below
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Convertigo's team is proud to announce the release of the latest version of the Convertigo Low Code Platform. Find below a list of enhancements we provide for this new version :

Front-end enhancements :

New Ionic 6.2 / Angular 14 based framework for Front end projects

Convertigo Studio now supports the latest Ionic and Angular frameworks. This means that all the benefits of the Ionic 6 framework are now out of the box in Convertigo !

This includes the new components such as Datetime wheel picker, bottom sheets etc..

Moreover, ionic 6.2 is compatible with Angular 14 bringing outstanding performance increase, better tooling and lazy loading.

Using Angular 14 is also a security guarantee for using regularly updated components.
Logo AngularGif Shared Component in NGX palette

Shared Components / Actions provided by projects now displayed in Ngx palette

Convertigo 8.1 enables Shared Components and Actions to be directly accessible in the Ngx palette.

This new feature really is a time saver, by no longer having to search the Shared Components (or Actions) in other projects. Just find the Component you want and drag and drop it into your current project.

New Font and FontStyle component

In previous versions of Convertigo Builder, fonts could only be added by hand in assets and CSS files.

Thanks to the new Font and FontStyle components, you can now browse fonts from Google directly in the Studio to personalize your applications.

The Font component will allow to declare fonts in your projects, and the FontStyle component will make it usable in any elements.
Font / FontStyleIcon picker
New icon picker with preview for all "Icon" properties
Icons were already available in the studio as you could choose the one you needed. Unfortunately, you weren't able to visually see it until you put it in your project to see if it fits.

With Convertigo 8.1, you can preview all the available icons to choose the one you want. No more random icon pick hoping this is the good one !

It will save your development time for sure.

Added an Assets section in Ngx Source picker

Originally, when you wanted to add assets such as images to your projects, you had to manually write the path to access it. It was time consuming and not very practical.

Thanks to this new feature, you will be able to browse directly from the picker to your computer files to link it directly in your project.

You also preview the selected resource in the picker to see if it fits to your project needs.
File picker

Back-end enhancements

Easy configuration to enable HTTPS

Originally, setting up a HTTPS version on Docker was quite difficult and time consuming, which was a threat for the site security.

HTTPS enabling is now simplified for a better application safety environment.
HTTPS safety

Studio enhancements

markdown logo

Automatic generation of project MD files

This new feature is going to be really useful :
When you create a new project, Convertigo Builder will automatically generate a readme.md automatic documentation from the project objects to be directly pushed to git without having to write it manually.

Setup automatic Git Repository creation and Initial Commit on project creation

In the previous versions, when you wanted to share a Convertigo Low Code project, you had to setup manually by completing a configuration wizard.

This has changed with Convertigo 8.1 : Your Git Repository is now automatically created when you start a new project, in order to be more efficient on your work. Don't worry about manually creating your Git Repository anymore.
Git Repo logo

Speed up CI/CD by using GitHub Action Cache

Stop losing time on your applications builds with this new feature. It now has been speeded up to visualize your application, in a efficience gain objective.

When using devops CI/CD, we will use the GitHub Action cache to save and restore NPM dependencies shortening build time by at least 50%.
GitHub Action logo