Convertigo Low Code / No Code platform becomes a contributing member of the Eclipse Foundation

Convertigo, the leading open source enterprise low code / no code platform  becomes a contributing member of  the Eclipse Foundation.

As Convertigo Studio is based on Eclipse IDE, joining the eclipse foundation is obviously a key aspect for leveraging Low Code technologies within the Eclipse community.”

— Olivier Picciotto, CEO Convertigo

PARIS, FRANCE, February 17, 2022 -- The Eclipse Foundation is an open source community  focused on collaboration and innovation. It is a huge and energetic environment, where significant innovation sellers, creative new businesses, universities, research establishments and people meet up to supplement and support the Eclipse Platform.

The Eclipse Foundation is made up of more than 320 member companies. They have always supported Open Source software as key enabler for business strategies.

Low code market is growing at a very fast rate at a CAGR of 27.9% over the forecast period (2021 - 2026). Low code market growth is driven by the demand of organizations and enterprises to build, customize and deploy software applications without the hassle of writing thousands of codes lines. Low code tools help businesses to achieve their goals faster by reducing the time-to-market and cost of developing software applications.

Known as the Leader of Open Source Enterprise Low Code & No Code platforms , Convertigo has, since 2009, been working with Eclipse IDE and delivers its Low Code studio as an Eclipse plugin. This collaboration, which has lasted for more than 10 years now, is evolving as Convertigo officially joins the Eclipse Foundation as a contributing member, to be able to collaborate closely with the Eclipse Community.

As an innovative technology company, Convertigo’s objective has always been to provide efficient technologies to accelerate application development while maintaining freedom to the developer. The Open Source policy of the platform has created a real community around the project, so being now a member of the Eclipse Foundation will accelerate Low Code and No Code adoption within enterprises interested by open source technologies to avoid vendor lock-in.

Being a contributing member will also help building the next generation of Low Code and No Code platforms by using other eclipse foundation member technologies and benefit from the huge community of the foundation members.

About Convertigo:

Convertigo SA is a privately held company, specialized in the open-source Low Code / No Code development platform used by more than 150 000 low code developers worldwide. Convertigo’ s platform is B2B/B2E/B2C oriented and provides a complete full stack solution for building web and mobile apps, reducing development costs and  time to market by 90%.  The platform provides a professional Low Code Studio to develop  complex apps easier and faster, and a No Code Studio enabling “Citizen App makers” to build simpler apps without coding, usable by anyone in the enterprise. Convertigo empower enterprises to digitalize their processes helping them being more efficient with less resources and money.
Convertigo is headquartered in Paris (France) with presence in San Francisco (USA)  with a R&D team based in the south of France.