What is the role of Citizen developers within a company?

Low code / No code enables business users with strong digital culture to create their own solutions while adhering to essential rules for the company's smooth operation. They are often referred to as "Citizen developers".

They play a crucial role in companies by transforming the way digital applications are created and deployed. 

Here's how:

1. Acceleration of application development

Citizen developers, using Low code and No code platforms, reduce the backlog of the IT department by developing applications themselves. This approach enables faster delivery of solutions tailored to the specific needs of different departments within the company.

2. Quick response to their own needs

By allowing business teams to actively participate in application development, these platforms democratize access to technology. Business teams can quickly develop and test ideas, thus addressing their immediate needs while reducing dependency on the IT department.

3. Reduction of shadow IT

By integrating Citizen developers developments under IT service governance, companies can better manage Shadow IT. This ensures that developed applications are secure and compliant with company standards, while reducing the risks associated with the use of unapproved solutions.

4. Integration with existing systems

These platforms often incorporate connectors, simplifying integration with existing systems, from Office 365 to ERP systems (such as SAP). This streamlines the integration process and enables Citizen developers to create applications that leverage and enhance existing systems.

Use case: Chantiers de l'Atlantique

Les Chantiers de l'Atlantique, a shipyard located in Saint-Nazaire, France, is one of the first clients to use the No code Studio to enable its employees to create their own digital applications. 

The decision to use Convertigo No code Studio was made after noticing that many people were using unmanaged Cloud and Google Forms to input sometimes critical data.

30 citizen developers later, the No code initiative has led to :

-over 100 business applications 

-a SAP backend exposed as digital UX to 10 different employee profiles

-a B2B web portal for subcontractors combining SAP data and Alfresco documents deployed for 2000 subcontractors

Thus, Citizen developers are essential for modern companies as they bring the ability to respond quickly and innovate, all while being guided by IT security and governance standards.