Open Source No-Code Platform Convertigo Adds Vonage APIs to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Vonage APIs are now available in Convertigo development environment

Web and mobile applications are increasingly built using low-code platforms, which accelerate the development process because they do not require advanced coding skills. Vonage APIs have helped growing startups and agile enterprises enhance their customer experience and realize new business outcomes at scale, and now you can build apps with them via low-code development as well. Introducing Vonage APIs on Convertigo platforms!

Convertigo is one of the first open source low code / no code platforms to provide Vonage APIs, which allows you to add video, instant messaging, or voice calls into your applications with low or no development effort.

Enterprises face high demand for messaging and video communication features (especially since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic). Being able to integrate Vonage APIs and embed these capabilities in a few lines -- or without writing a single line —of code is a real improvement for Convertigo users.

Sample use cases for messaging and video communication in different industries include:

  • Telemedicine, counseling, group therapy
  • Distance learning, language education, tutoring etc...
  • Escalating a customer interaction from chat or SMS to audio or video call within your UX
  • “See what I see” remote video inspection
  • SMS verification via 2-factor authentication
  • SMS confirmation of an account change or a transaction
  • PSD2 payment messages
  • Alerts and notifications such as for appointment reminders or cancelations

Being able to integrate APIs simply avoids long development processes and reduces costs. And because Vonage is a global company, API communications within Convertigo workflows are able to scale in accordance with the compliance required in markets around the world.

Adding Vonage APIs to Your Convertigo App Is Simple :

In technical terms, Vonage APIs are integrated into the Convertigo platform as a library. The library provides all the sequences you can use in your backend workflows to make voice and video calls as well as send messages via Facebook Messenger or SMS. The library also provides Mobile Builder Shared components, which you can use in your front-end apps.

To get started, explore the following sample app to learn how to integrate video conferencing in your Mobile or Desktop app.

To import your Convertigo Studio the lib_Vonage project, simply:

The Vonage library is now available in Convertigo Forms! Just add the component in your form and users can answer a form in a collaborative way by installing a chat room directly in the form.

What Vonage APIs look like in our applications :

Here is an extract from our Webinar partnering Vonage where we show the communication API use in a "real" use case : The integration of teleconferencing into the application.
(Insurance use case, fire damage)

If you want to see the full Webinar, just click here.

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