Using a Local enterprise or team wide NPM repository

Using a Local enterprise or team wide NPM repository

In many enterprises, accessing public NPM repository is difficult or slow due to proxy filtering and internet access restrictions. The use of a local NPM repository for Convertigo Mobile Builder is the best solution to speed the initial project startup.

Installing local-npm

Your NPM local repository friend will be 'local-npm'

This Package will mirror all the needed packages you need to start a Convertigo Mobile Builder project. You can install this on a Linux or Windows server able to acess the Internet on This local NPM server will a database of all the packages stored locally in your organisation. From now, Convertigo Studios will be able to access it without having to access directly the NPM registry the Internet

To install npm-local on a server:

  • create a directory where the database will be stored on your server
  • use npm install -g local-npm to install the proxy.
  • go in the directory you created and run local-npm
  • on each Convertigo Studio workstation run in a shell or cmd npm set registry http://<your server ip address>:5080>

from now on, Convertigo Mobile builder will install all the required depedencies from your local NPM server with the network speed of your LAN instead of acessing the public NPM registery through slow and unfriendly network proxys...