Leveraging Convertigo and Baserow for effective app development and data management

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, the tools you choose for database and app development can make all the difference. Even though Convertigo is a fullstack platform, combining Convertigo and Baserow together offers unique advantages and provides a simpler and complete solution for developers and businesses.
Let's explore what these tools are and how they work together to streamline the development process.

  • 1) Understanding Convertigo

Convertigo is a powerful platform known for its No Code and Low Code approach, which simplifies application development. It's an Open Source tool that allows companies to create detailed applications without spending too much time on development. Convertigo is great for putting together everything an app needs, from the user interface to data handling, and it connects smoothly with databases and other services.

  • 2) Getting to Know Baserow

Baserow is gaining popularity as an Open Source database tool. It's free to use and lets you build databases without any coding. It stands out not only for its user-friendly interface but also for its exceptional ability to handle large volumes of data efficiently, making it an ideal choice for SMEs but also large enterprises. Indeed, its power lies in its scalability and customizability. Finally, the platform's simplicity is matched by the degree of control it offers users, providing them with uncompromised command over their data landscapes.

  • 3) Why Pair Convertigo with Baserow?

Bringing Convertigo and Baserow together is beneficial for several reasons. Convertigo can build apps fast, and when it needs a database, Baserow is ready to step in. This duo is perfect for making apps that are both powerful and easy to use. Convertigo can even make Baserow better by adding features like automated workflows and user management.

Baserow and Convertigo are two products that exemplify the strength of open source innovation in the digital space. When these platforms join forces, the advantages are clear. Convertigo's power in rapid application development is complemented by Baserow's readiness to provide robust database capabilities. This open source duo lays the groundwork for creating applications that are not only efficient and effective but also backed by a community-driven approach that fosters continuous improvement.

Convertigo’s integration with Baserow’s scalable database solutions means that any application can be equipped with the necessary data infrastructure swiftly and seamlessly. Baserow's and Convertigo’s open source vision ensures that it remains flexible and adaptable, by maintaining the spirit of open source collaboration and freedom.

  • 4) How to Combine Convertigo and Baserow?

Using Convertigo and Baserow together is a smooth process. You can start by making a new database in Baserow for your app. Then, you connect this database with Convertigo. If you already have a Baserow database, Convertigo can connect to it directly. This lets your app use your data in real-time.

Convertigo shines as a platform enabling seamless interaction with external systems, including the scalable database capabilities of Baserow.

Whether you’re starting a new database from within Convertigo or integrating an existing Baserow database, the synchronization is real-time. This means any alterations made in your Baserow database are immediately reflected in your application, significantly simplifying the process of evolving your app to meet changing needs.

On the back end, Baserow stands as a formidable no code platform that enables users to effortlessly design databases, develop backend solutions, and manage data without delving into complex coding.

Here's what you'll do: 

Step 1 : Set up your Database account

Step 2 : Integrate Database sequences in your project

Step 3 : Display Database in your project