Low Code : Myths VS Facts

You may have some common beliefs about Low Code and No Code technologies but, check it out, they are maybe very useful for you !Actually it's really simple to understand and to use that kind of tools in your daily tasks.

Just here, and with the help of a video, we will show you how you could be mistaken about these technologies and how they can be the added value you need.  

Common beliefs :

You may think that setting up a Low Code platform is complicated,
You are probably sure that Low Code does not allow you to make the apps of your choice,
You are convinced that Low Code can’t be interface to back end enterprise data,
So take 3 minutes of your time to learn about the real capabilities of these technologies!

Lisette Blanc, Marketing Manager at Convertigo, responded to some common misconceptions about Low Code technologies to clarify and understand the added value of these technologies.

Enjoy !