Using CouchDB 2.11 Clusters with Convertigo

Using CouchDB 2.11 Clusters with Convertigo

Starting from Version 7.5.2, Convertigo Mobility Platform supports CouchDB 2.11. Among many features, CouchDB 2.11 brings in a very imporant feature named clustering. This post explains how to setup a CouchDB 2.11 Cluster using Docker

CouchDB clusters

With CouchDB 2.0 you can now use clusters in order to have several CouchDB instances used in parallel to serve client requests. Also, the database can be distributed among instances and also replicated on several different instances preventing data losses. You can have more information about CouchDB clustering here:

Although you can run CouchDB servers on different machines, you can also run several instances on the same machine. Doing this will let you get more power from multi-core servers as the cpu will be distributed among the cores for each CouchDB instance you are running.

Convertigo FullSync technology is based on CouchDB and is heavily using Views to process user ACLs and group management, so clustering CouchDB results in very important gains of performances for large databases and number of users.

Installing Docker

Docker is the best way to install a CouchDB cluster as the container based architecture will help us run each CouchDB instance in a container and have all the instances load balanced by HAProxy

Visit the Docker web site and download / install Docker for your platform. We found out that for Windows 10 platforms, using the Docker toolbox was easier.