How to integrate SAP processes with Low code platforms?

Integrating disparate systems is a significant challenge for today's businesses. As a leading ERP system, SAP often lies at the heart of organizational operations. Integration is key when using Low code platforms. 

Convertigo's SAP BAPI connector has emerged as a critical tool for bridging SAP with other enterprise applications, thereby enhancing overall business efficiency.

With over 75% of Fortune 500 companies running processes on SAP in 2024 (Gartner), integrating Low code capabilities with SAP delivers substantial value to the operational processes of these companies, making technology more connected and reliable. 

Understanding SAP BAPI:

The Business Application Programming Interface (BAPI) provided by SAP is a standardized programming interface for accessing business processes and data. BAPIs are essential for integrating SAP with other applications, ensuring consistent data management and workflows across different platforms. This means that BAPI allows SAP to "speak" easily with other systems, facilitating smooth information exchange and automating business processes.

Convertigo and the SAP Connector:

Convertigo's integration with SAP enables seamless communication between SAP systems and Convertigo’s applications.

This integration provides real-time access to SAP's processes and data, allowing businesses to extend their ERP capabilities into new digital experiences.
In other words, Low code platforms acts as a bridge, enabling your business to fully leverage its SAP investments while embracing digital innovation without the complexity traditionally associated with application development.


Thanks to SAP connector, the ability to deeply integrate with SAP systems opens new opportunities for businesses to maximize their ERP investments and successfully drive digital transformation initiatives. By making SAP integration more intuitive and less technical, Convertigo democratizes access to powerful business solutions, enabling companies to transform and adapt quickly.