How to end shadow IT with No code and Low code platforms?

Shadow IT has long been a thorn in companies, no matter the company size. 
Characterized by the use of unauthorized software and systems within organizations, it poses significant security and governance risks.

Let's see how Chantiers de l'Atlantique has combined No code and Low code to end shadow IT. 

The problem

After identifying unmanaged use of Google Forms, often containing sensitive data, the company wanted to spotligh the urgent need for regulated, secure, and efficient data management practices.

Why No code and Low code? 

1. Low code Studio

The IT department utilizes Convertigo Low code studio to build and manage services from SAP and Alfresco, among others.
By providing these services to business teams, IT can ensure that data governance is maintained. 

2. No code Studio

Business teams then leverage these services to create business applications (audits, order processes, registration workflows, satisfaction surveys).
This empowers non-technical staff to address their unique needs within the framework of approved IT standards, bridging the gap between business requirements and IT security protocols.


- End of shadow IT: All data is packaged and controlled by the IT department.

- Operational efficiency: 100 applications deployed, seamlessly integrated with the central IT system.

- Citizen developers empowerment : More than 30 business users with basic technical skills to create applications, organizations can foster innovation while maintaining control over IT resources.