How Low code development can be as powerful as classic development?

There is a widespread myth saying that companies can't build any robust and complex applications with low code platforms. 

Low code development is not a lesser counterpart to traditional development but a powerful and efficient alternative.

Low code as a comprehensive solution

Low code is an advanced abstraction of traditional coding, encapsulating all the elements necessary for application development in a more accessible, user-friendly package. While it significantly reduces the amount of coding required – often by up to 90% – it does not eliminate the complexity and robustness of the applications. Since every project is different, developers can add custom code for specific tasks which means companies will never be constrained by the Low code platform itself. 

Meeting traditional development standards 

Over the years, Low code platforms have undergone extensive market testing and refinement. 

Today, several Enterprise-grade platforms can produce high-quality software applications, unrestricted in functionality or graphic design.

Some Low code platforms support high levels of customization, and high-level security features like Single Sign-On (SSO), data encryption, versioning, backup management, nd comprehensive data management systems.
They also offer flexible hosting options, including On-Premises or sovereign cloud options. 

When thinking about a complex software application project, know that Low code platforms can be the answer.