How is the learning curve in Low code development?

A common belief surrounding Low code platforms is the supposed extensive training required to master this new technology. While it’s true that any new tool comes with a learning curve, the reality of Low code platforms is much more accessible than many anticipate.

Quick and efficient learning process

Almost every platform develops resources to facilitate the onboarding of the software (videos, tutorials, clear and complete documentation, knowledge base, forums)

Most developers can grasp the basics of a Low code platform within just a few days. This quick onboarding process enables developers to start working on simple projects almost immediately, without delving into more complex tasks right away.

Leveraging existing knowledge

One of the key factors that ease the learning process is the use of standard frameworks within these platforms. For instance, some Low code platforms use the Angular framework for the front-end part which is a well-known and widely used framework in the developer community, significantly reducing the learning curve for those already familiar with it.

A learning curve exists, even with a Low code platform but the transition more straightforward.