How do Low code platforms bring flexibility?

Low code platforms are designed to make application development more efficient within IT developers.

While the platforms significantly streamlines app creation, it acknowledges the need for customizability. This is where the ability to add custom TypeScript code becomes invaluable, offering developers the flexibility to tailor applications according to specific requirements.

Why is customization important?

Sometimes, there are scenarios where more than the default features and pre-built components may be needed. This is particularly true for businesses with unique processes or specific integration needs. Custom code fills this gap, allowing developers to extend and personalize the application beyond the standard offerings of the platform.

Custom TypeScript in Convertigo :

Convertigo’s approach to custom code is centered around TypeScript, a popular superset of JavaScript that adds optional static typing and object-oriented features.

TypeScript is known for enhancing code quality and readability, making it an ideal choice for custom coding within a low code environment.

1. Application-level customization:

Convertigo enables developers to write custom TypeScript code at the application level, allowing for broad, global customizations that affect the entire application. This could include custom business logic, integrations, or modifications to the app’s core functionality.

2. Page-specific customization:

Developers can also inject custom TypeScript code into specific pages of the application. This targeted approach is perfect for implementing page-specific features or behaviors, enhancing the user experience on a granular level.

3. Advanced TypeScript editor:

It is equipped with features like syntax coloring and code assist.
These tools make coding more intuitive and efficient, even for those who may be new to TypeScript.

4. Simplicity and Flexibility:

By integrating custom TypeScript capabilities, Convertigo strikes a balance between the simplicity of low code development and the need for complex, customized solutions. This blend empowers developers to create more sophisticated and tailored applications without departing from the ease and speed of low code development.

The inclusion of custom TypeScript coding in Convertigo exemplifies the platform’s commitment to flexibility and high-level customization in low code development.  

Whether it’s for nuanced business logic, specific integrations, or creating unique user experiences, Convertigo’s custom TypeScript functionality ensures that your applications can meet the exact needs of your business.