Convertigo's No code & Low code vision: tailoring development for both IT and business teams

In the dynamic software development world, "No Code" and "Low Code" have become buzzwords, each representing a spectrum of platforms with unique features and functionalities. However, Convertigo has taken an innovative approach by distinctly separating these two concepts to cater to the varied needs within an organization.

The Convertigo No Code Studio: empowering business teams

The No Code Studio is specifically designed for business teams within enterprises. This studio enables these teams to digitize numerous simple business processes without coding knowledge. From dealing with data that once lived on tools like Excel or Access to automate tasks, the No Code Studio is about empowering business units to take charge of their digital transformation, thus effectively putting an end to Shadow IT practices. It's about creating software applications with ease and efficiency, supporting hundreds of straightforward processes with the optional backing of IT teams. With this new approach, the IT department backlog can be reduced, allowing IT to focus on more strategic projects. 

The Convertigo Low Code Studio: A playground for developers

On the other hand, the Low Code Studio is crafted for developers. This studio not only offers what no code platforms do but goes beyond by, for example, going further on the frond end possibilities or integration with complex ERPs such as SAP. This studio allows developers to create and deploy strategic and sophisticated applications that are on par with classic development methods. The Low Code Studio reduces applications' time to market and facilitates access to existing data like SQL, Office 365 or Baserow, ensuring seamless integration.

A collaborative ecosystem for IT and Business

While each studio can operate independently, the ideal scenario is a collaborative approach where both studios are utilized in conjunction. This synergy allows IT departments to provide essential data sources to business teams, reducing the risks of shadow IT, and fostering a more integrated and efficient workflow.

A fascinating aspect of Convertigo’s approach is that the No Code studio itself is made with the Low Code studio, reflecting the interconnected nature of these two. The clear delineation - Low Code for developers and No Code for business teams with some digital skills - positions Convertigo not just as a tool provider but as a creator of a synergistic ecosystem where IT and business can align, innovate, and grow together.

In conclusion, Convertigo's dual-studio approach is quite unique in the software development landscape, offering tailored solutions for both IT and business teams and driving digital transformation effectively across organizations.