Convertigo No code studio is RGAA accessible

Convertigo, pioneer of Low code / No code Open Source development platforms, has just reached a major milestone in digital accessibility.

In collaboration with Warren Walter, a digital services company specializing in accessibility, Convertigo has updated its No code platform to comply with RGAA 4.1 standards, guaranteeing universal accessibility for its users, including people with disabilities.

RGAA 4.1:

The General Accessibility Reference for Administrations (RGAA) is the official standard in France for digital accessibility.

The latest version, RGAA 4.1, includes 106 control criteria that define how to make digital content accessible to everyone. This covers a wide range of disabilities, including visual, auditory, motor, and cognitive impairments.

Respecting the RGAA is not just a legal obligation.

Here are the three main advantages of this compliance:

1. Equality: Allowing all users, regardless of their physical or mental abilities, to benefit from the same online services and information.

2. Reduction of barriers: Facilitating the social and professional integration of people with disabilities by providing them with autonomous access to digital services.

3. Compliance: Assisting companies in complying with current legislation.

The collaboration between Convertigo and Warren Walter is part of a shared commitment to expanding digital access.