Convertigo Makes a Strategic Shift to OVH Cloud for Enhanced Data Sovereignty

In an era where data privacy is paramount, Convertigo is taking decisive steps to align its service offerings with the evolving expectations of its European clientele. Transitioning to OVH Cloud represents a significant move towards reinforcing French digital sovereignty.

In our interconnected digital landscape, data stands as both a currency and a form of power, making the stewardship and locality of that data increasingly critical. Until recently, Convertigo utilized the widely recognized cloud services of Microsoft Azure. While our American clients choose to stay on Azure, the United States' Cloud Act has raised significant concerns about the privacy protections afforded to data hosted on platforms under U.S. jurisdiction, especially for our European clients. 

To address our European clients' heightened needs for privacy and security, Convertigo has strategically decided to migrate its services to OVH Cloud. This transition is more than just a change of infrastructure; it represents a commitment to our clients' rights to data protection and a step towards France's digital sovereignty

Now, by shifting to OVH Cloud, which hosts data within France, Convertigo ensures that all new applications will be either hosted On-Premises or on a cloud infrastructure that is under French jurisdiction. This not only enhances the security and control over the data we manage but also aligns with our strategic vision of supporting a cloud infrastructure that respects the GDPR regulations and the pursuit of digital sovereignty.

While Azure and AWS currently dominate the global cloud market with a combined share of 75%, Convertigo's move boldly challenges the status quo, signaling a shift in the industry towards more localized and sovereign cloud solutions. This is not just a business decision—it is a statement of principle, asserting the importance of choice in a market historically limited by the offerings of a few major players.

In embracing OVH Cloud, Convertigo is not only responding to the immediate needs of our clients but also investing in the future, the concerns in the French public sector arising.

Convertigo's migration to OVH Cloud marks a new chapter in our commitment to providing secure, sovereign, and competitive cloud solutions. As we continue to navigate the complexities of the global data economy, our focus remains steadfast on delivering excellence. This is just the beginning of Convertigo's journey towards a more sovereign and client-centric digital future.