Convertigo & Baserow announce technological partnership in Open Source No Code & Low Code development platforms

Convertigo and Baserow team together to provide a complete and powerful Enterprise grade Low code & No Code stack combining Convertigo’s Front-end and Back-end business logic flows with Baserow’s no code database platform.

This provides a full stack open source offer from data to UI with strong Enterprise capabilities and powerful integration engines.

Convertigo users will benefit from Baserow’s unique no code data modeling capabilities enabling them to build data driven applications without writing a line of code, which will drastically simplify the database implementation.

Baserow users will be able to build value-added web & mobile applications enjoying advanced capabilities such as offline data, device cross platform, DevOps and enterprise connectors to major ERP CRM and PLM packages.

As Baserow and Convertigo share the same Open Source vision, these technologies will be available for free to the entire Convertigo and Baserow communities as Cloud or Self Hosted services.

Enterprise offers will also be available as licenses for cloud of self hosted clients combining Convertigo and Baserow SLA.

Convertigo and Baserow combined technologies will help enterprises to build ad-hoc digital applications in many verticals such as Field Maintenance, Fintech, Retail, Healthcare and Ecommerce, with great speed and low costs.

Olivier Picciotto, CEO of Convertigo, says : “ Baserow will bring very strong no code database capabilities to the Convertigo platform and will help No Coders to build digital applications running on multiple devices. With data hosted on prem or on cloud, Convertigo and Baserow make development of RGPD constrained applications possible.

Bram Wiepjes, CEO of Baserow adds : “We believe in the need for Low Code and No Code to enable different types of citizen developers to build applications with various degrees of complexity and scalability. Convertigo and Baserow share the same vision on openness and interoperability of software. Users will be able to digitize their business process exactly as they want it, without the burden of lengthy and costly IT projects.

About Convertigo:
Convertigo ( is a privately held company, specialized in the open-source Low Code / No Code development platform. Convertigo’ s platform is B2B/B2E oriented and provide a complete solution for building web and mobile apps : A Low Code Studio to develop complex apps easier and faster with a similar result as a “native development”, and the No Code Studio enabling “Citizen App makers'' to build simpler apps without coding, usable by anyone in the enterprise. Convertigo empowers enterprises to digitize their process, helping them be more efficient with less resources and money.
Convertigo is headquartered in Paris (France) with presence in San Francisco (USA) with a R&D team based in the south of France.
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About Baserow:
Baserow ( is a VC backed company offering a no code collaborative database platform. The platform enables non-technical users to create a relational database as easy as an excel sheet. Baserow helps HR, Marketing, Operations, Product and IT teams to organize, visualize and collaborate around data. Baserow is headquartered in the Netherlands with a distributed team across Europe and US. .