Convertigo and UGAP: A Strategic Collaboration for the Public Sector

No code and Low code platforms are truly emerging in the public sector area.
In this context, Convertigo, a leading platform in low code and no code application development, has been referenced in the UGAP's multi-vendor market since 2018.

But what does this mean, and why does it bring value for public sector actors?

What is UGAP?

UGAP, or the Union of Public Procurement Groups, is a French public procurement organization that simplifies the procurement process for public sector entities. It acts as a central purchasing body, providing a streamlined way for public institutions to acquire goods and services. Being part of UGAP’s catalog means that a product or service has met stringent criteria for quality, efficiency, and compliance with public sector requirements.

Why Convertigo is part of this market?

As a French and Open Source platform, Convertigo offers an adaptable solution to rapidly develop custom applications, guaranteeing compliance with the rules laid down by the GDPR and the ability to host the applications either on a SecNumCloud or directly On Premises.
With Convertigo, public sector stakeholders can have total control of the data, maximizing data sovereignty

Benefits for the public sector

The key advantage for public sector actors is the ease of procurement. They can bypass the often lengthy and complex tendering processes usually required for public purchases. This streamlined access not only saves time but also ensures that public institutions can deploy no code and low code solutions quickly and effectively to respond to the growing demands for digital services.


Convertigo’s reference in the UGAP market marks a significant stride in making digital transformation tools accessible to the public sector. It opens up new opportunities for public entities to enhance their services through technology, thus contributing to a more efficient and digitally savvy public sector.