Why using a Full-Stack Low code platform ?

In the low code world, platforms can be front-end, back-end oriented, or full-stack oriented. Convertigo stands out as a comprehensive, full-stack low code platform. With its robust capabilities, Convertigo is changing how companies approach application creation.

Front-End Development

Create with Convertigo’s Low Code Studio intuitive and visually appealing user interfaces. It offers:

1) Graphical user interface: A drag-and-drop system with real-time preview. 

2) Visual debugging: Fine-tune styles, margins, and component placements with ease.

3) Data binding: Seamlessly connect your user interface to backend services.

4) Style customization: Leverage the Ionic framework for styling. Our style editor supports CSS auto-completion, simplifying the styling process.

5) Custom TypeScript code: Write application-level or page-specific code with an editor that provides syntax coloring and code assistance.

Back-End Integration

Convertigo enforces the golden rule of system architecture: data should always be modified through the service layer, ensuring business rules are executed. The platform offers:

1) Wide range of connectors: Connect to any enterprise backend system or easily create new back-end systems.

2) Service layer connectors: Including SOAP 1.1/1.2 for web services, REST JSON/XML for data exchange, and SAP BAPI for direct data exchange with SAP systems.

3) Data connectors: For SQL databases, NoSQL databases or plain files like CSV, XML, and Excel.

4) Integration with Legacy systems: The Javelin connector allows for data exchange with legacy IBM systems, ensuring even the most traditional enterprise applications can join the low code transformation journey.

RPA Connectors and Legacy Systems Integration

A significant number of Fortune 500 companies in 2023 still rely on mainframes. Convertigo addresses this through RPA connectors, enabling integration with legacy systems and ensuring these applications remain functional in the global system.


Convertigo’s full-stack vision makes it an ideal platform for businesses seeking to accelerate their digital transformation by delivering a comprehensive, efficient, and user-friendly development experience.