Bridging Legacy Systems with Low Code Platforms


Many organizations still rely on legacy systems like IBM AS400/iSeries and mainframes. Convertigo recognizes the critical role these systems play and offers a solution to seamlessly integrate them into the modern low code journey.

RPA Connector: Your Bridge to Legacy Systems

With many Fortune 500 companies still depending on mainframes in 2023, Convertigo's RPA connector is more relevant than ever.

Convertigo's RPA connector is specifically designed to facilitate data exchange with traditional mainframes systems. This integration ensures that even the most conventional enterprise applications can be part of the low code transformation process.

-Simple Legacy Integration: This connector provides a straightforward way to connect with AS400 systems and mainframe-based applications, allowing smooth data transfer.

-Empowering Traditional Systems: By enabling these legacy systems to communicate with modern low code platforms, Convertigo ensures that valuable applications continue to serve businesses effectively.


Convertigo's approach to integrating legacy systems like AS400 mainframes demonstrates its commitment to facilitating comprehensive digital transformation. By bridging the gap between traditional and modern platforms, Convertigo enables organizations to leverage the full potential of their IT investments. Whether it’s preserving the functionality of legacy systems or harmonizing them with cutting-edge low code solutions, Convertigo is at the forefront of ensuring that businesses can evolve without leaving behind the systems that have been foundational to their success.