5 reasons why IT departments choose Convertigo

IT departments are facing growing challenges in meeting the diverse needs of businesses.

In this context, Convertigo emerges as a leading solution, offering a unique No code / Low code approach that meets the specific requirements of professional developers while also making technology accessible to business teams.

Let's explore 5 reasons why IT departments choose Convertigo.

1) Unique No code / Low code duality

Convertigo offers two interconnected studios.

- The Low code studio, designed for IT departments, provides 100% customization for your applications and the flexibility needed to create complex business applications.

- The No code Studio, specifically geared towards business teams who wish to digitize internal processes without programming skills.

This duality facilitates collaboration between professional and business developers, and reduces the workload for the IT department.

2) Hosting flexibility

Convertigo offers 3 hosting options :

- On-Premises

- Convertigo Cloud (hosted by OVH Cloud, which ensures European data sovereignty requirements)

- Customer Cloud (thanks to a technology based on Docker/Kubernetes containers)

3) Pixel-perfect applications

Convertigo enables the development of pixel-perfect applications with a fully customizable UI, allowing replication of designs from platforms like Figma.

Developers can add custom code in JavaScript/TypeScript to address specific needs, providing complete flexibility and unique user experiences.

‌4) Pricing model

Convertigo offers a predictable pricing model based either on the number of end-users or on the usage time of applications. This model allows companies to accurately forecast their expenses, facilitating financial management and long-term planning.

5) Open Source

Developed in France, Convertigo is an Open Source platform, thus avoiding vendor lock-in (the dependence on a supplier).

Convertigo’s non-contaminating license also protects the intellectual property of developers' projects.

For all these reasons, Convertigo positions itself as a preferred solution for IT departments in France.