Tutorial n°6 : Set up and use a No Code database

Step 3 : Display Database in your project

You now have your sequences integrated in your project : If you execute your "Employee_DirectoryEmployeesList" (right click -> execute) it will show you the Data in the editor.
Let's see how to display it in the application:
In your project, go to Application -> NgxApp
-> Pages -> Page, then search in the Palette for the "PageEvent" component and drag & drop it into "Page" in the Treeview. It creates a "pageDidEnter" where you will have to drag & drop the "Employee_DirectoryEmployeesList" sequence (CTRL + drag & drop for Windows and OPTION + drag & drop for Mac).
It creates a CallSequence. Now to display it, let's add a "ListContainer" in the Content by drag & dropping it from the Palette.

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