Tutorial n°6 : Set up and use a No Code database

Step 2 : Integrate Database sequences in your project

The onboarding has been done. To continue, create a "Convertigo Low Code FullStack Web/Desktop or Mobile app project" project
(if you followed the previous tutorials, you surely know how to do it now !) and call this project "nocode_database_front".

Then, in the Nocode Database window, find your Employee Directory dabatase -> Employees and click it.
Click your nocode_database_front project and come back in the Nocode Database Window and click "import into nocode_database_front" on top of the page.
It will open a window to let you choose which sequences you want to import : Here you want il all, so click "Select all". Don't forget to uncheck the "authentification required", then apply.

Now open your project again in the Treeview, and open the "Sequences" folder, and the Database sequences have automatically appeared!
Success !

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