Tutorial n°6 : Set up and use a No Code database

this tutorial will show you how to set up a No Code database in Convertigo Studio, and then how to use it in your projects.

Step 1 : Set up your Database account

To start this tutorial, the first thing to do is to open the No Code Database window in the Studio to set up your account :
To do so, click on the "Convertigo" button in the Header and then click the "Open the NoCode Databases view". It will open a Window that will tell you to check your emails to create your profile (The email you created your Studio account with).

In this email, click the "accept invitation" button, it will bring you to the account creation page. Fill in the information and Sign up.
Once you signed up, come back to the Studio : Here is your NoCode Database homepage.

Now you can create your first Database from a template : In the right side of the window, click the "Create new" button "From template".
Here you have a wide range of complete Database template : For this tutorial let's choose "Human ressources" then "Employee directory".
Now click the "use this template" button to install this database.
It now appears on the left : If you open it, and click on "employee", it shows you the Database containing name, picture, job title etc...

First step done ! Let's see now how to integrate this Database in your project.
Step 2 ᐅ
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