Tutorial n°5 : Style your project from Figma design

Step 8 : Style your page elements #3

Repeat this operation with the input text : Good news, as the two fields are the same, you will simply have to do it for one and copy/paste the style component in the second.

In Figma, click the first input text field and copy the CSS (except for the Width, Height and Position).
Come back in the Studio, search for the "Style" component in the palette and drag & drop it in the "GenericItem" component in the treeview (hard to point directly in the App Viewer.)
Open the style component, double click to open it and paste your CSS. (Don't forget the "--" before at the beginning of every line).

CTRL + S in the editor to apply the CSS, and simply right click on this Style component to copy it and paste it in the second GenericItem.

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