Tutorial n°5 : Style your project from Figma design

Step 11 : Style your page elements #6

The last thing to do to match perfectly the Figma design is to integrate the right font in the page. The font used is "Poppins". Let's see how to integrate it in the Studio :

In the palette, search for the "Font" component and drag & drop it in the main "Styles" folder of your project in the Treeview. Then click the font component and in its properties click the [...] button of the "Definition" field. In the searchbar, look for the "Poppins" font and click OK.

Then, still in the properties, set its "Default" field value as "True" for the font to apply on each element of the page.

You now have finished this tutorial, and you now know how to integrate a Figma design directly in the Studio.
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