Tutorial n°3 : Access an SQL Database

Step 9 : Create Front-end for your application #3

Now you need to put a "ListContainer" in your Content (find it in the Palette). In this ListContainer, look for the "ForEach" : Click it, then in the properties window (bottom left), find the "Directive source", click on the little "SC" button, then on the [...] -> it will open a window. In this Window, click on the sequence, then on the "array" to link the ListContainer with the array data.
Then, in the treeview, open the ForEach -> ListItem -> Label -> item.text : Click it, and in the properties choose the Text value, click the Source "SC" and [...] again. This opens a window again, but this time you will have to click the "Show Iterators on current page Sources" top button (blue arrow) to choose the iterator. Then click the "ForEach" and select "title" on the right window.

You can now test on your own: Write "bacteria" in the searchbar and submit it : it will display each data containing the word bacteria in the title.
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