Tutorial n°3 : Access an SQL Database

Step 3 : Create a sequence

The next step is to create your sequence, which should be easy now! Click on your project and search in the Palette for the "Generic Sequence" item. Drag & Drop it into your project and name it "get_references_by_id".
Then Drag & Drop your transaction in your sequence by holding CTRL + Drag & Drop on Windows and OPTION + Drag & Drop on Mac.
Once done, you will have to export the Call Transaction variable to the main sequence by right clicking your Call Transaction and select "Export variables to main sequence". This is important because all Call Transaction Step variables must be defined at the sequence level, the right click "export" facilitates the task.
This is not necessarly efficient here but it becomes very interesting when there are a lot of variables, it avoids retyping them manually in the sequence.
Don't forget to regularly save your project!
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