Tutorial n°3 : Access an SQL Database

In this tutorial we are about to see how to access any SQL Database directly in the Studio, from calling the database to displaying it in your application.

Step 1 : Create a new project

The first two tutorials have already learnt you how to create a project, but this one is quite different : We will see here how to make a project that connects to a PostgreSQL database, makes a query and displays data in an application.

To do so, go to File -> New -> Project and search "SQL" in the search bar --> select SQL project, and name it "sql_database_back".

Then, you will have to fill the information to link the database you want : In this case we will take the "Public Postgres Database" from the RNAcentral website.(https://rnacentral.org/help/public-database)

In the first field, select org.postgresql.Driver.
In the JDBC URL field, replace <server_name> by hh-pgsql-public.ebi.ac.uk, <port(optional)> by 5432 and <database name> by pfmegrnargs.
In the Username field, type reader and paste NWDMCE5xdipIjRrp in the password field.
You can find all the connection information for the SQL Database on the link above.

Once you filled everything, click the "Test connection" button to see if it works. You should have a "connection parameters are correct" message.
Note: Don't forget that if you name your project differently, you will not be able to continue properly the tutorial..
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