Tutorial n°2 : Your first news reader application

Step 9 : Create Front-end for your application #1

Congratulations ! You finished every Back End aspect of the creation of this app; if you survived this tutorial so far, the rest will be a piece of cake! Now that you have all the data you want, let's create visually the app to display it.
Run the play button above your project to display the visual application.
Then, the first step is to create your elements such as your title, your call button etc.. Let's see how to create your application heading :
Open the page folder in the tree view (in NgxApp) --> and click on Content that will open the palette, search for H1 in the palette and simply Drag & Drop it in the "content" section. Then in the bottom left window, change your H1 value opening the H1 and clicking on "Heading 1"'.
The objective is to add all the content that you want to have the most complete application.
Success !

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