Tutorial n°2 : Your first news reader application

Step 8 : add a sequence in your project #5

This step will integrate concrete information in your iterator : Click on your iterator, then in the palette, search for the "Object" Step which is a container for the different elements that you will add to it. It is not necessary to give it a name as it will not be displayed in the response data. Now search in the Palette for the "Field" Step  and Drag & Drop it 3 times in your "object" folder (Name these 3 elements "title", "description" and "imageUrl")...

As seen in the Animation, to bind the data, double-click the Iterator Step (named for_each_item) to display the Source Picker tab, open the item branch, and Drag & Drop the "TxT" element corresponding to the needed information in the different element steps and each time choose "Value" when prompted to set the value property of the Step.

Note : For the ImageUrl Step, you will have to manually modify the xPath "//document/transaction/document/rss/

by adding "[1]" after the "/content" :

To do so, click on the item => group => content => Attributes =>url. The xPath is automatically computed and then you can edit it. When it is done, Drag & Drop the "xPath" text to the imageUrl Step and choose "Value" to set the value property of the Step.

Now right click your sequence and execute it, the right window will show you in the code only the information you required.
Now let's see how to visually display these data in your application.
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