Tutorial n°2 : Your first news reader application

Step 6 : add a sequence in your project #3

Once you added the Generic Sequence into your project, you will add some steps to this sequence to setup the processing flow. This flow will occur in the back-end server and will use some data model described in a schema.

Double-Click the Call transaction Step to display the Source Picker (response schema of the transaction).

If the schema does not contain the response elements, you have to update the transaction schema :
Right-click the source transaction and choose "Execute" (or click the transaction and press F5) this will generate the response data.
Right-click again the source transaction and choose "Update schema from current connector data".

Double-click again the Call transaction Step to display the updated transaction schema in the Source Picker (channel -> item).
Then you will have to iterate your information to build the news object collection.
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