Tutorial n°5 : Style your project from Figma design

Step 3 : Place your page elements

As you don't need it here, you can delete the header and the footer of the page.

The next step is simply to add your page elements :
Click your first GridCol, then in the palette search for "H1". Drag & drop it in your first GridRow. Delete the label on the GridCol to get rid of the "Column 11", then change the label of your H1 in the properties in "Text value" as on the Figma design : "Glad to see you again !"

Then in this same section let's add the subtitle : Search for the "Paragraph" component in the palette and drag & drop it under the first text. Same as for the title, change its value as the figma design : "Ready for a new experience?"

Let's repeat it with the other elements on the next steps.
Success !

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