This chapter describes you how to use Convertigo to make collaborative development, continuous integration and some devops stuff.

Convertigo Platform enables collaborative development and DevOps operations using Continuous Integration techniques. DevOps is usually a set of tasks that can be described this way :

  • Coding : code development and review, source code management tools, code merging.

    Convertigo enables coding using Low Code technologies. You can have more information on collaborative development & source control / code merging here.

  • Building : continuous integration tools, build status.

    On Convertigo platform building can be made manually or using Continuous integration tools. More information on this here.

  • Testing : continuous testing tools that provide quick and timely feedback on business risks
  • Packaging : artifact repository, application pre-deployment staging.

    On Convertigo platform application packaging is done using the .CAR (Convertigo ARchive) format. This can be done manually by simply exporting a project from studio , or using Continuous Integration. see here.

  • Releasing : change management, release approvals, release automation.

    On Convertigo platform, release is simply done by deploying projects on a Convertigo server. This can be done manually using the studio’s deploy menu or by using Continuous Integration as described here.

  • Configuring : infrastructure configuration and management, infrastructure as code tools.

    On Convertigo platform, configuration and environment settings is done via the Administration console. More information on this here.

  • Monitoring : applications performance monitoring, end-user experience

    On Convertigo platform, performance monitoring is done via the Administration console. More information on this here.

Collaborative development

Importing git projects

Using the Staging & Commit views

Sharing git project

Setting up gradle tasks

Integrating in CI

Building iOS & Android apps

Deploying apps on Stores