MADP Convertigo

Who are we ?

Convertigo is a privately held company recognized as a “pure player” in the enterprise Mobility market and the first software vendor to distribute its cloud based or on-premise Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP) as Open Source. Convertigo delivers a secured and scalable disruptive all-in-one solution, integrating rapid cross platform mobile development tools and a powerful MBaaS covering challenging backend enablement, featuring a middleware optimized for mobility.

Convertigo’s team having high frequency interactions with largest customers and SI is 100% focused on developping platform and mobile oriented new features, industry solutions and practices. Its disruptive technologies and industry standards’ integration since mobility early stages brings Convertigo to the cutting edge customer’s requirements for Mobile Application Development Platforms.

With more of 60.000 installations of its community edition, Convertigo technologies have a proven track record with secured and scalable implementations deployed in global fortune 500 companies in EMEA and North America as Carrefour, Morgan Stanley or BNP Paribas.

Why do Mobility Platforms matter ?

New devices, new usages, new business requirements… With 75% or more of applications being mobile by 2015, enterprise IT teams are facing constant new challenges to design, develop, deploy, distribute and manage a portfolio of numerous B2E or B2C mobile applications!

Such complex and moving context makes specific developments hazardous, expensive and time consuming.
Automated production 100% dedicated to mobility allows speedy developments and instant ROI, especially when it comes to launching or managing numerous apps. Mutualized developments using prebuilt components, processes, tests and templates ensure cost effective and reliable production and reduce time to market for new mobile applications and frequent updates.

Convertigo’s Platform industrializes new mobile applications production, or transforms existing enterprise business applications. It ensures that our customers have the appropriate enterprise grade security, governance and performances and delivers standardized rich user experience leveraging any device features.

MADP Convertigo
MEAP Convertigo

What sets us apart ?

Convertigo is the first software vendor to propose an Enterprise grade Mobility Platform as Open Source together with a rich and active community and capabilities to deliver everywhere on the planet directly or over a strong global SI partner network.
Unlike others, Convertigo delivers full end to end extreme agility for a mobility platform able :
• To “connect to” and to leverage permanent evolution of enterprise and partner business backend application with our MBaaS
• To centralize business logics into cloud based or on-premise servers.
• To allow mobile application deployment and management on a multiplicity of changing devices and OS contexts.

With unique and patented technologies developped within industries standards, Convertigo makes mobility an enterprise reality, 20 times faster and cheaper than any other solution and specific developments.

The Mobile Application Development Platform

Mobile Enterprise Application Platform MEAP

Convertigo Server

Convertigo Server MBaaS runs mobile applications developed with Convertigo Studio as well as connectors to back-end data and mobile oriented orchestration sequences executing business logic while handling security contexts and standard API management. Server handles data synchronisation and replication for FullSync.

Mobile application interacts with Convertigo server using optimized for mobile standard secured and encrypted REST protocols.

MBaaS Cloud

MBaaS Convertigo Cloud

Convertigo MBaaS (Mobile backend as a Service) services are available on our Convertigo elastic Cloud. A Cloud account delivered with a powerful administration console will give you a private and secured server you can deploy your mobile projects on. This will allow you to run and manage your mobile applications without installing hardware or software within your organization.

Cloud services are running on 24/7 secured Data Centers.

Eclipse Studio Mobile Enterprise

Convertigo Studio

Convertigo studio is the Eclipse based Development environment (IDE) used to develop Convertigo mobile Applications. The same studio can be used to create all the components of a mobile application such as the connectors, the server side business logic (Sequencer) and the cross-platform mobile front end.

Only basic HTML and java script skills are required as technical knowledge to use Convertigo Studio, which makes mobile project developments much easier and faster than traditional mobile development tools.

HTML5 Hybrid

Convertigo SDK

By default, Convertigo technology leverages the Hybrid technology based on Apache Cordova using HTML5 as main language. But, for those who want to use native mobile platform’s technology, Client SDK provides all Convertigo server’s services as library you can embed in your mobile application. The SDK Provides the client side framework for FullSync off line data synchronization.

Convertigo Client SDK is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 platforms.……………..

Select your edition

  • Community Edition
  • Affero GPL License
  • • Server side business logic
  • • Cross-platform mobile
  • • Flash Update
Standard security
• Standard connectors
(SQL, Web services…)
Community web support

  • Standard Edition
  • Enterprise License
  • • Server side business logic
  • • Cross-platform mobile
  • • Flash Update
Enhanced security
• Standard connectors
(SQL, Web services…)
Convertigo support
  • • Native Client SDK license
  • • Load balanced multi-instance
  • • Local cache

  • Extended Edition
  • Enterprise License
  • • Server side business logic
  • • Cross-platform mobile
  • • Flash Update
Enhanced security
• Standard connectors
(SQL, Web services…)
• Extended connectors
(WEB, Mainframe, SAP…)
Convertigo support
  • • Native Client SDK license
  • • Load balanced multi-instance
  • • Offline Data



Connect to enterprise data Using a wide range of connectors such as SQL or Web Services or create API from Mainframe or HTML applications

Cross Platform

Create Desktop web and Mobile apps once and run on multiple devices (iOS, Android, Windows phone)

Server Side Business Logic

Build, Enrich, Optimize, Share and Expose new or existing processes and logics

Push Notifications

Compute business driven events to notify users even if device is in standby mode

Test Driven Development

Automated tests, reports and notifications on server business logic

Offline Data

Make data available without complex coding even if network is out of reach thanks to Convertigo FullSync data replication technology

Program Device Features

Leverage any Cordova (Phonegap) plugins and any hardware device’s features such as cameras, GPS or sensors

Integrated Version Control

Dev team can use version control environment such as SVN or GIT as Eclipse plugins

On Premises Servers

Run Mobility servers on Windows or Linux and scale up by building server farms

Deploy on the Cloud

Instantly deploy your projects and mobile apps using our elastic and secured cloud

Multiple Environments

Easy setup managing Global symbols for production, testing or Q&A environments

Security Gateway

Inherit backend’s applications security logics. Expose only required data through encrypted transactions

Monitor Activity

Monitor activities such as connected devices, server’s request or response’s time

Server Logging

Search, track, filter device’s actions logs. Hide Sensitive information in logs

User Authentication

Enterprise LDAP, oAuth or Server database Single Sign On authentication

Task Scheduler

Server based Scheduling for efficient Push notifications, email campaigns or any business tasks

Some of Our customers



MADP personal-finance


Convertigo Mobility Platform runs out of the box banking solutions built by our partners. Banking requires robust platforms, security, audit trails, strong authentication services and many other features that Convertigo provides easily to our solution providers. Using banking pre built solutions will help you run your business better and gain market share over competition.



Retailers have to struggle to keep their competitive advantages. The mobility space is a new challenge they have to face as customers are using more mobile devices than desktop PCs ! Many e-commerce web sites have now to face mobile users. Although basic web responsive design could be a solution, mobile users require very high level mobile user experience that only mobile applications can provide. Convertigo Mobility Platform provides out of the box templates to build m-commerce applications benefiting from all the platform’s features.

MADP e-commerce
MADP bank


Field service delivery, quality control along assembly line, parts procurement management along supply chain… all these manufacturing strategic processes are living a profound evolution due to mobile devices growing capabilities. With additional agility and a tighten human to machine interactivity within their production, maintenance and services environments, enterprise embracing mobility are significantly gaining in competitivity, productivity, time to market as well as augmenting consumers satisfaction.

Our Partners


Our Services


Support and Service Level agreement (SLA) for Convertigo Mobility Platform is provided only for Standard and Extended Editions subscriptions. Support includes:

  • Online technical articles
  • Standard mail based support on week days from 09:00 AM to 18:00 PM CET
  • Optional dedicated support engineer
  • Optional 24 Hours 7/7 hotline

Community Edition users can get free community support in our forums with no SLA commitment


Get help from our Enterprise Mobility experts! They can help design your applications and assist software architects for implementations and security. You can even use consultants for App delivery, where we will design, develop, deploy and manage your mobile apps for you!

  • Design Mockups for UX and UI
  • Based on industry-leading agile methodology
  • Preview builds during development
  • Q&A tests before delivery


Get certified on Convertigo Mobility Platform now and start deliver mobile apps to your Customers!

Training base course is 3 days full time, alternating theory and practical exercises.

See our “Convertigo University” section for more information about course tracks.

Tranings can be done on site or remote using Web Conferencing technologies

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