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To turn any idea into a mobile app, and reconcile business and IT professionals…


Simplify low code mobile app development across multiple platforms


Reduce dev. costs from 10 and up to 200, and get to market faster


Scale to millions of users real-­time


Distribute anywhere on any device


Build codeless API managed RESTful microservices

Online and offline

Sync online and offline transactions for any native or hybrid apps.



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Convertigo is used in banking for B2E and B2C processes. Banking customers are very concerned about security and performances.

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Many retail customers rely on Convertigo for eCommerce and mCommerce B2C applications.

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Manufacturing companies rely on Convertigo for efficient B2E production mobile apps for field service delivery for example.

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Any other vertical industry can use Convertigo to build 100% efficient mobile apps connected to their information system.

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Find out what Convertigo Mobile Application Platform can do for you

Convertigo Server

Runs the connectors to back­end data and also executes and orchestrates the mobile micro services called "Sequences". A Sequence handles back-end mobile business logic and rules security contexts for standard API management.

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Convertigo Cloud

Convertigo Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) is available on Cloud (Azure or AWS) or on-premise (Docker). We allow you to run and manage your mobile applications without installing hardware or software within your organization.

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Convertigo Studio

Eclipse based Development environment (IDE) used to develop low code mobile native or hybrid applications. Create all the components of a mobile application such as the connectors, the server side business logic and the cross-­platform mobile front end.

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Convertigo SDK

Use Convertigo MBaaS services from your favorite development language (Swift, Java, C#, HTML5/JS)
For native mobile platform’s technology, SDK provides the client side framework for FullSync off line data synchronization.

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Enterprise-grade #MBaaS joins the most popular open source database for easy access by the #Docker community

#Convertigo #Android SDK 2.1.1 is now released. See release note here:

#Convertigo 7.4.4 is now available for download on SourceForge

Cerdic missoffe @cedric_missoffe won the special @convertigo prize at @clubdecisiondsi

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