It has happened..


“Run: Cloud” democratizes application delivery , used from anywhere, by anyone

It’s happening !

“Build: Low-Code” democratizes application development,used across lines-of-business


“Low-Code” — What does it mean ?

Low-Code is a visual or very abstract programming concept that minimizes the dissonance between “design” and “development.” This term of “low-code” simply means that to do the same job you will have to write a lot less code than traditional code development.

As a benefit, more people can contribute to the development of the application, not just those with formal programming skills!


Pyramid of applications


A Gartner Recent study foresees that by 2024, low-code application development will be responsible for more than 65% of application development activity knowing that:

  • Demand for applications continues to grow
  • Complexity and sophistication is expected
  • Skills availability not keeping up

This is why Low code platforms are the next big thing to happen in the IT world!

Low code technology improves your application delivery rate.

Previously, low code technology was intended for workgroups and small departmental applications only.

Previously platforms suffered from the vendor lock in syndrome and large accounts were reluctant to switch to such new programming technologies. Convertigo disrupts the Low Code approach by providing the only enterprise grade open source technology not bound to any cloud provider and lowers the vendor lock-in fear thank to its open source philosophy.


Six reasons leading enterprises
work with Convertigo


Our customers succeed

Convertigo sparked major improvements in how established companies build, deploy, and operate software and in how they run their core business


Our platform accelerate software delivery

Convertigo is proven at Enterprise scale. To get even more from it, Convertigo works with your line of business to discuss with internal technical teams to set up and operate the platform on premises or on the cloud provider of your choice.


You can run Convertigo on premises or public and private cloud

Run your applications where you want and scale them across infrastructure targets on multi-cloud. Whatever your chosen architecture, you’ll get a reliable and consistent operational experience.

It’s a proven platform

There’s a reason the world’s biggest companies trust Convertigo: it just works. The platform speeds up delivery without sacrificing security or operability.


Offline data and security is included

Companies rely on Convertigo’s unique offline data technology to build mobile or web business apps integrated with back-end enterprise data for 10 to 50 times less time and money.


Convertigo is open source software (OSS)

Open source is a warranty label of avoiding vendor lock-in. Convertigo is built on top of leading open source technologies such as Angular, Ionic, Docker, Kubernetes, Git, Eclipse and tomcat and benefits from the huge OSS community.


How Convertigo works for you


Business Leaders

Instead of spending huge amounts of time and money writing complex code and relying on external code expertise, bring back in your Enterprise the knowledge of your strategic apps, and maintain your precious application assets in your field!

Save about 10 to 50 times time and money building apps and leverage components beteween apps, The more app you build the more ROI you get!


Do more with less! Imagine your apps ready to be deployed with offline data support, local databases, automatic back-end data sync and security enhancements in a few hours! This is possible through the magic of low code technology.

Developers may probably say that they are not free to do what they want! This where Convertigo differs from other low-code technologies as we give entire freedom to developers to add their custom code anywhere in the apps (Front and back-end)

Leverage you skills on the whole stack: Convertigo turns front end developers and back-end developers to full stack developers instantly!

IT Operations

Operate your applications on premises, or on the cloud of your choice! Convertigo uses a “state of the art” container architecture enabling your apps to be hosted anywhere you decide. Be free of any cloud provider and move easily from on premises to cloud!

Integrate the platform in your standard IT operations, leveraging your existing DevOps tools, monitoring and security. Federate your existing single-sign-on technology for entire fleet of mobile and web devices.


See how our customers achieve measurable results in your industry by using Convertigo



Convertigo mobilizes B2E and B2C banking processes. Security and performance are becoming crucial for bank customers.

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Many retail customers rely on Convertigo for B2C eCommerce and mCommerce applications.

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See how companies can boost the efficiency of their mobile production apps, such as field service delivery.

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Firms can quickly build domain-specific mobile apps that are connected to their information system.

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