Convertigo 7.9 is the new release of the leading Open Source Low Code Platform featuring a powerful back-end server MBaaS and an integrated MXDP (Multi eXperience Development Platform) based on Cordova and open SDKs able to integrate Native iOS and Android.

Convertigo 7.9 also features a No Code studio for “Citizen” app makers shipped automatically on Convertigo Cloud Accounts.

Convertigo 7.9 code-named “Gold” is a major release of the platform. This version adds new functionalities and enhances existing ones. This document will describe all the new features available in this release.

Most of these enhancements and new features come from requests from the 150 000 Users of the Convertigo community. We compiled them and “elected” the most important ones to be available in this release.

Mobile Builder new features

New source picker for Actions

In previous versions of Convertigo Studio it was sometimes difficult to “source” data in actions. You could refer to “out” in a property (in TS mode) representing the output of the action just above, but if you had to refer to an action high in the stack you had to Write stack[‘action_name’].out to source its output. The issue dosing this is if you renamed the Action name, you had to change all the stack[‘XXX’] referring to this action.

With Convertigo 7.9 this is now automatic as you have now the new Action picker.

When you source an action property (in SC Mode) the picker will display all the action in the stack. Just click on the action you want to source, and the picker will generate automatically a stack[‘uniqueid’].out source for you.
Even more, if you rename an action, this source will remain valid!

It’s easier to Customize your data sources

In previous version of Convertigo Studio, it was not very easy to customize your data sources. In many circumstances copying the source to TS mode to customize it was mandatory for example to add some Java Script functions on it.

Now, with the new source picker, you have 2 new fields that you can use to customize the prefix and the suffix of your data source. For example if you would like to remove all trailing spaces from a source you could use : (cf image on the left)

Or you can directly type your expression in the Custom field (If the check mark is set)

Automatic Shared Component and Shared actions installation

Mobile builder projects can use Share components and Shared actions from its own project for any other project. If you refer to another project, it must be installed in your workspace.

In Convertigo 7.9, as References to external projects are automatically created when you use a Share component for a project, when you will load your project in the studio, all referenced projects will also be automatically downloaded from the GIT repositories and opened.

This ensures that shared components libraries are correctly downloaded and installed, for you to use them.
The reference holds in the “Project name and remote URL” the URL to download the needed library holding the required shared components.

Handle Autologin events

When an Mobile Builder application loses its session (Session timeout if app was not in the foreground, or backend server restarted, or cloud server moving you to another instance) it will try to perform an Autologin action to recreate automatically a valid session.

You might want to handle such an event to warn the user or to perform some cleanup. Use this App Event to do so!

Mobile picker now can be used to source Shared Components variables

In previous version of Convertigo Studio, shared component developers had to source “by hand” their shared component variables using the paramsXXXXXX syntax where XXXX was representing the shared variable ‘priority’ property of the variable to be sourced

This is now automatic using the new Mobile picker Wizard. Use the new “Shared component source icon” to display all the shared component variables and just click on the one you want.

New Gradle based IOS and Android build system.

Convertigo 7.9 now uses a standard Gradle build system to generate the native iOS and Android apps on your Workstation. This new build system will automatically download all the required components used for building freeing you from the tedious prerequisites installation steps.

Also, as this is a standard Gradle Task you may want to use the Gradle command line to build your apps using a CLI or any other CD/CI build system.

Build great PWAs with Mobile builder!

PWAs are awesome. Use the power of offline data, direct installation on devices without the apps store constraints in a few clicks.

If you check the PWA setting in the Application object, your app will be automatically built with a PWA service worker handling all the PWA lifecycle for you.

Edit more than one Custom Action or Sequence_JS at the same time!

Previous version of Convertigo studio was unable to edit at the same time two different CustomActions or Sequence_JS. This is now possible. Enjoy!

New Code completion Engines

Convertigo 7.9 benefits from the new Completion engines for JS/TypeScript/YAML editors. Now completion will be done automatically in all CustomAction code. For Sequence_JS Javascript code, the completion engine also displays all the built-in Convertigo java classes you can access within a Sequence.

Backend new features

New Autostart property in your Sequences object

Imagine you would like a sequence to be executed automatically when a project is deployed or imported in a Studio. This is now possible using this new property. Set it to true and the magic will happen.

Better support for REST WS YAML imports and ORACLE connector

We now support the PATCH verb in REST WS YAML imports. Also, now, Convertigo supports OAS 3.0 standard for REST YAML imports.

ORACLE CLOB type data can now be accessed by SQL connector.

Useful if you have to access this type of data in your project!

Merge and update Array based data in FullSync backend connectors

Updating data in a FullSync database was already possible using the “Merge” policy in the FullSync POST DATA, POST BULK data transactions. Up this was not merging correctly array based data as Merging implied the whole replacement of the array.

In Convertigo 7.9 we now support the _use_merge policy that controls how an array is merged. Refer to this link for details.–update

New libraries

Convertigo 7.9 comes now with 5 new libraries you can directly import from the new project wizard.

These are:

  • SAML SSO to provide SAML 2.0 Authentication support for your projects

  • Geocoding to add GPS geocoding capabilities to your projects

  • Vonage to provide Messaging and Videoconferencing to your projects

  • Google Sheet & Microsoft Excel libraries to enable your application to read and write data to Google Sheet documents or Microsoft Excel Office 365 documents.

Cloud new feature

If you intend to run Convertigo in your own cloud or on premises Docker based server farms from standard Convertigo docker images, you might want to dynamically install some additional Linux packages to your instances.

This is now possible as by default Convertigo docker images runs in SUDO mode so you can execute ProcessExecute steps in sequences to install additional packages using apt-get yum install commands.

Of course, this behavior can be disabled with a specific flag. See :

Click here for more specific information

DevOps new feature

Convertigo is fully integrated with some industry standard DevOps platforms such as GitHub Actions and CircleCI.

Just use the new project’s Right Click->Continuous Integration->Update GitHub or Update CircleCI menu to add to you project the necessary integration files. You will be able to configure these files to you own needs.

When you will commit/push your project to the repository the CI integration files will trigger automatic builds for front-end and back-end components of your projects.

Convertigo Forms Builder

Convertigo Forms Builder is the new No Code platform provided by Convertigo. Forms Builder accelerates your enterprise digitalization by creating apps and forms without having to write a single line of code. Available on smartphone, digital tablets with Android or IOS and PC, operational even if you are offline.

You can synchronize your data with the enterprise’s IT and your data access will be secured (compatible with the authentication mechanisms recommended by your IT department).

This No Code platform can be used by anyone ( such as the “Citizen app makers”) in the enterprise as no technical skills are required to create apps.

If you want to learn more about our new No Code platform :
Click here